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A few words

About me

My passions are traveling and sailing, I knew already in my childhood that it would be difficult to fulfil it with a full-time job. I knew that such work is not for me and despite the resistance of my close environment, I managed to get out of this pattern. Thanks to that, in 2013 I started to achieve one of my goals, which was traveling around the world, over a year of traveling without a break. I visited places that I have always dreamed of, including The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Hobbiton in New Zealand, Micronesia in the middle of the Pacific or Central America and the Caribbean. During the trip, I was also able to sail the entire Pacific Ocean, from the Philippines to Costa Rica, sailing half a year in the most beautiful corners of the world.

A few words

And the most important...

What I liked the most was that all the time I didn't have to worry about finances. Whether I would work or not, the money flowed to my account. Where with ordinary job or a small business it is almost unreal. In most cases, when people don't work, they don't earn.

However, it does not have to be this way and I will gladly tell you what you can do, so that your vacation is not only once or twice a year and not in a place where everyone goes, because it is cheap, but in a place where it really is you deserve and want to go.


This is what I care about in my work and private life


Because not everyone likes to work with beginner amateurs


Building the trust with my business partners


Every day is new challenges and dreams to fulfil.

My goal

What is my purpose?

My goal is to help others succeed. So that they can become better at what they do, both in private and professional life. Help to create the life everyone dreams about. Happy life. One where there are no restrictions and excuses.

I believe that simplicity is the most important thing, so you will receive practical advice and ready-made solutions from me that you can implement immediately after becoming familiar with them. And when you have doubts, I will gladly answer all your questions.

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Do you have any questions? I look forward to hearing from you!